Pete Williams has covered fitness, business, and sports for numerous publications including USA Today, Men’s Health, The New York Times, The Sporting News, The Washington Post, Competitor, and SportsBusiness Journal. Here’s a look at some of his work:

A Ride with ... Joe Maddon
(Bicycling magazine - May 2009)

Cycling Keeps Pace
(Street & Smith's SportsBusiness Journal - June 23, 2008)

Starting His Retirement With a Splash
(The New York Times - April 23, 2008)

Swimming, biking, running and flying under radar
(The New York Times - November 10, 2007)

ING finds its niche in sports sponsorship (marathons)
(Street & Smith's SportsBusiness Journal - October 29, 2007)

Triathlons: In it for the long run
(Street & Smith's SportsBusiness Journal - October 8, 2007)

Inside the NFL's secret training camp
(Men's Health - September 2006)

Raising the Rays
(Street & Smith's SportsBusiness Journal - February 27, 2006)

Franchise rebranding: Out with the old...In with the new

(Street & Smith’s SportsBusiness Journal – February 23, 2004) 

Athletes pay to join jet set: Private flights buy time with family
(USA Today – October 29, 2003)

Training center lures athletic elite
(USA Today - Feburary 19, 2003)

An All-Star's Big Build-Up (Nomar Garciaparra)
(USA Today Baseball Weekly - March 1, 2000)

Pillar of Strength (Karl Malone)
(Muscular Development - March, 2000)

Veeck, as in heroic

(USA Today Baseball Weekly - December 29, 1999)

Volleyball's versatile Gabrielle Reece
(Muscular Development - October, 1999)